Tattoo Aftercare Waterproof Film Adhesive Bandages


Ensure optimal healing for your new tattoo with our Waterproof Tattoo Aftercare Film. This breathable, self-adhesive bandage is designed to protect your fresh tattoo, promoting clean healing and preserving the vibrancy of your ink. Protect your tattoo, preserve your art. Choose our Waterproof Tattoo Aftercare Film.

Key Features

  • Versatile Use**: Our tattoo aftercare film is suitable for all tattoo types and sizes. Cut it freely to match your tattoo size.
  • High-Quality Material**: Made from medical-grade material, our film is transparent, waterproof, and breathable, offering superior protection against pathogens and pollution.
  • Easy to Use**: Simply cut, peel, stick, and peel again. Our film adheres securely to your skin, providing continuous protection.
  • Promotes Healing**: By isolating the tattoo from external pollutants, our film promotes faster healing, ensuring your tattoo stays crisp and vibrant.

Our tattoo aftercare film is not just a bandage, but a shield for your art. It’s waterproof yet breathable, allowing your skin to recover naturally. Whether you’re a tattoo beginner or a seasoned artist, our aftercare film is an essential part of your tattoo journey.

Note: While the film is waterproof, avoid immersing it in water for extended periods as it may affect adhesion. The first application should not exceed 24 hours, with subsequent applications lasting 2-5 days.

Used for

Tattoo skin healing


5cm x10m, 10cm x10m, 15cm x10m, 20cm x 10m


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Tattoo Aftercare Waterproof Film Adhesive Bandages

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